We supply roasted coffee beans to cafés, coffee shops, AirBNB’s, and hotels!

We are located in at 65 South Main, Nephi, Utah and can deliver! We can also ship fresh medium and dark roasted coffee beans to your location. We source coffee from Bali, Brazil, Kenya, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, and Sumatra.

Contact Meadow at 1-801-787-0392 if you need fresh roasted coffee supplied to your location!

We are currently supplying restaurants, hotels, AirBNBs with bed and breakfast, and a new coffee shop in Draper, Utah!

Consider us to be your fresh roasted coffee supplier!

The Coffee Beans Before The Roast

The coffee beans have a light green color with a smell similar to alfalfa or grass. Sometimes the coffee beans will have a hint of a spice or a fruit if it was grown and pollinated near another farm.

Coffee Beans Before Being Roasted

Our Coffee Bean Roaster

We have a commercial grade high quality coffee roaster located at the coffee shop. We roast often to keep the coffee tasting fresh. By roasting coffee often we avoid the bad flavor you may get if the roasted coffee beans have sat on a shelf for too long or been exposed to the air for too long. Come to the coffee shop to taste the difference of fresh roasted coffee!

Coffee Bean Roaster at The Haven Coffee House

The Coffee Beans After a “Medium” Coffee Roast

We typically choose to roast our coffee at a dark or medium level. The medium roast is the most popular and many of our customers enjoy ordering a 12 oz bag of coffee when they come in. We often roast coffee beans from farms located in Bali, Brazil, Kenya, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, and Sumatra.

The End Product

When you come into The Haven Coffee House you can pick from several options of dark and medium coffee roasts in 12oz bags. We also have coffee pods! When we supply to commercial locations such as restaurants or hotels we can supply the coffee pre-ground in glass jars or large bags to keep the coffee fresh. When you come in we recommend you purchase our House Espresso Blend as it is a favorite among our frequent customers!



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